Greg Beeman

Harrisburg's Neighborhoods


Bordered by Forster Street to the north, I-83 to the south, the Susquehanna River to the west, and Cameron Street to the east.

Downtown Harrisburg is the city’s central hub. Government buildings loom large, from the state Capitol Complex, to the county courthouse & administration building and City of Harrisburg offices. The area also contains lots of restaurants, shops, office buildings, and entertainment/cultural venues, as well as notable institutions such as Harrisburg University and The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. Residential options include both apartment buildings and single-family homes in select sections.  The downtown district is also home to City Island (Harrisburg Senators, the “Pride of the Susquehanna” riverboat, a mini-golf course, and marina), Strawberry Square (a mixed-use commercial/residential mall), and Restaurant Row (a vibrant stretch of eateries & nightlife establishments along 2nd Street).



Bordered by Washington Street to the north, the Susquehanna River to the west, I-83 to the south, and Second Street to the east.

Within the downtown district is a cozy & picturesque riverfront neighborhood known as Shipoke. Though tucked away among several quieter blocks between the Susquehanna River and Second Street, it is just minutes (walking) from the center of city life. Almost entirely residential, it does offer both a Cuban and Indian restaurant. Access to Riverfront Park and the Greenbelt Trail is unparalleled. Of note, the neighborhood lies within the flood plain.


Bordered by Forster Street to the south, Maclay Street to the north, North 7th Street to the east, and the Susquehanna River to the west.

If you’re looking to be close to downtown but prefer a more residential neighborhood, Midtown may be your place. Loaded with housing options, it is also home to several restaurants, artist studios, shops & entertainment spaces. The historic districts of Old Uptown (currently seeing extensive renovation), Old Midtown, and Old Fox Ridge are all located here. Other attractions include the Broad Street Market, the Governor's Mansion, the Susquehanna Art Museum, the Midtown Scholar bookstore, the Midtown Cinema, and the House of Music, Arts & Culture (HMAC).


Bordered by the Susquehanna River to the west, Maclay Street to the south, North 7th Street to the east and Susquehanna Township to the north.

Continuing further north from Midtown is the district known as Uptown. Harrisburg’s “newer” neighborhood (all buildings were built within the 20th century) boasts a wide array of housing options from rowhomes and duplexes to detached single-family homes and old mansions. Both the Susquehanna River and Italian Lake are within walking distance. The area is also home to various restaurants and shopping venues, as well as the Zembo Shrine Temple & Scottish Rite Cathedral.

Allison Hill

Bordered by Route 22 to the north, Cameron Street to the west, I-83 to the south, and Penbrook/29th Street to the east.

Perched atop “The Hill” immediately to the east of Downtown is the neighborhood of Allison Hill. It is comprised of North Allison Hill (Route 22 to State Street), Central Allison Hill (State Street to Market Street), and South Allison Hill (Market Street to the railroad tracks). The district is rich in ethnic and cultural diversity. Here you can find restaurants serving up African, Latino, Asian & Caribbean cuisines. Other prominent sites include the National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg Cemetery, and Reservoir Park which hosts various festivals and events throughout the year.

Bellevue Park

Located just south of Reservoir Park is a small enclave of larger homes on spacious lots known as Bellevue Park. Quiet lanes wind their way through a scenic and wooded neighborhood seemingly removed from the hustle & bustle of the city. The collection of grand homes and open spaces is regulated by a neighborhood association.