Greg Beeman

About me

Pennsylvania is home. After several years of living & working outside of NYC in the earlier years of life, I returned to the Harrisburg area in 2012 with a specific affection for the city. Before officially taking the jump into the world of real estate, I used to surf the home search sites on a constant basis simply out of interest in the field.

My professional background is a bit of a mosaic, with time spent working in airports, higher education, and churches. I am an avid traveler, and with the help of former flight benefits, have covered all 50 states, almost 40 countries, and 6 continents so far. I also love learning and have a couple of advanced degrees.

My wife and I live near the Capitol in the former “Bare Wall Gallery”. Free time activities include exploring the city, camping in the woods, traveling, reading, riding scooters, and restoring our own house. I love this area for the opportunity to experience urban, suburban and rural life – all within close range of each other.

My move to Harrisburg coincided with the city’s discussion of potential bankruptcy. I’m drawn to challenging situations. I’m also drawn to opportunities of leading people through significant, and perhaps unfamiliar, terrain – whether to an airport gate or to a new home. You will find me to be a sincere listener, meticulous researcher, and patient guide through the home buying/selling process.